Affordable Housing Is A Problem For The Working Poor

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There are approximately a half million homeless people in the United States, and that number not only includes individuals but families and children. These numbers are quite astounding to me, because we live in a nation full of opportunities for anyone seeking to have a better life for their family. However, not enough affordable housing is one the main reasons for homelessness. From the late 1980, affordable housing became a problem for the working poor.
‘Despite improvements in employment, the number of people in poverty (4.8 million) and the poverty rate (15.8 percent) remained relatively steady. 26 states saw an increase in the number of people in poverty; 25 saw a decrease.’ (National Alliance to end Homelessness)
The average working person living below the poverty line was unable to affordable a decent place to live and if they had a family it was even harder. Having to pay rent and mouths to feed and children in school, and making minimum wage, that paycheck will not even cover the rent, then having to work a second or 3rd job, is impossible for one person. If they fall short one month, that can lead to total disaster for that family. Then the family is faced with eviction and nowhere to go, but can sometimes do what’s called doubling up with friends or family, but that is only a temporary solution. So now that we know that homelessness can be cause by
• Lack of affordable housing
• Eviction
• Low wages/unemployment
• Mental illness
• Poverty

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