Affordable Innovative Disability Devices For Disabled Children And Adults Essay

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Affordable Innovative Disability Device’s provides products through worldwide inventors and companies to disabled children and adults in the United States. We hope to make a dent in a disabled person’s problematic lifestyle. Smiles and reviews ensure that both our customers and employees make a world of difference to those who are unfortunate. A.I.D.D., a nonprofit society, only receives money from advertisements through celebrities Stevie Wonder, Reba McEntire, Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, and Christina Aguilera. (Special Olympics, n.d.).

Affordable Innovative Disability Devices (A.I.D.D.) Will Roberts, created the A.I.D.D. Company after watching children and adults trying to accomplish normal daily activities. Dissatisfied with disabled people not enjoying park activities and working on computers, Will determined that he wanted to make a difference. His plan brought together inventors from around the world to create assistive technology to help the disabled. Make and distribute the products for use at an affordable price to families incorporates the main goal of A.I.D.D. Where there is a “Will” there is a way. Backed financially by people like Bill Gates and Donald Trump, the impossible becomes possible.
A.I.D.D. Logo The logo represents our work ethic to help the disabled. The blue color portrays a trustworthy and calming effect. The pictures presented in the color white enforce the pure innocence of one that cannot help themselves. The wheel chair

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