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TOEFL & IELTS Advantages of Mobile Phones While advantages of mobile phones are self evident, their disadvantages also need to be given some thought. Here is some information about cell phone usage merits and demerits. There are various advantages of mobile phones. The growth of cell phone usage has increased drastically since the last decade, and it is estimated that mobile phones will cross 5 billion in 2010. With their number increasing at a tremendous rate and with the threat of 'cell phone addiction ', there are certainly several disadvantages of cell phones as well. Few Advantages of Mobile Phones Since the year 1991, the number of mobile phone users all across the globe has risen drastically. This sharp…show more content…
More Safety Although, having cell phones is not a guarantee for safety, it certainly can be helpful for you in emergency situations. Keeping cell phones in your car while traveling is one of the topmost personal safety tips. In case of any accidents or unexpected events, you can inform someone, who can rush to your rescue. Similarly, cell phones can be helpful to old and disabled people. Although, lifts in offices and residential buildings come with phone extension and alarm buttons, cell phones are anytime better to call for help, in case of elevator failure. Similarly, there can be many more instances in daily life, where mobile phones are a necessity. Few Disadvantages of Mobile Phones Not all are positive about mobile phones. There are some demerits of mobile phones that are discussed below. Health Effects Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones may cause health problems. Rigorous studies are being carried out to know about the negative effects of cell phones. Sleep deprivation, stress and brain problems have been linked to overuse of cell phones, and are considered as the possible effects of cell phone radiation. Some studies have reported that cell phone usage can trigger male infertility symptoms. But nothing has been proved yet, though we can lessen mobile use to some extent. Children Suffer Children have been found to have some worrisome effects of mobile phone usage. Since they have weaker immune
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