Afghan Star : A Traditional Group Of People Who Haven 't Changed Much

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Afghans are a very traditional group of people who haven’t changed much. They still wear traditional clothing, follow the rules of religion exactly how it has been done for a longtime, and are very conservative. I think that Afghan Star proved that bending or breaking the rules didn’t corrupt the community as a whole, but allowed it see the benefits from changing tradition. Both men and women were allowed to compete, and even though a man won the competition two women made it to the final four. Although it would have been in the best interest for Setara to not dance during her performance, she did anyway, which was viewed as very disrespectful, but maybe in the future the community can look back on this event and see how innocent it was.
Afghan Star is a documentary about the triumphs and defeats of Afghanistan. It takes a look at the contestants in a singing competition, what they are dealing with throughout the process, and the challenges faced by the producers and contestants. Afghan star showcases how Afghanistan views gender roles, citizenship to different areas, and tradition. The contestants are from all over Afghanistan and they are cheering, congratulating, and getting along with each other, which isn’t normally the case. Even though the contestants are from different areas they consider themselves one because they are all from Afghanistan, and they want to stay united through the trials and tribulations of their country. They want to show the world that are

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