Afghanistan After The Soviet Union

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The Taliban arose in Afghanistan at the beginning of 1994. They started to gain power after the Soviets had invaded Afghanistan in 1978 and left around the 1980’s. After the Soviet Union left Afghanistan the Taliban gained power resulting in a civil war. This rise of the Taliban was not a positive event in Afghanistan, it has caused problems that are still in occurrence today. Because of the Taliban the Afghan people are having to flee their country in order to be safe, or stay home and fight for their lives. The takeover of the Taliban in Afghanistan was a devastating time for the Afghan people and resulted in the loss of culture and a change of their social context.

The two commanders Hekmatyar and mujahedeen in Afghanistan turned
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The Taliban were originally trained to protect the people of Afghanistan from the soviets when they entered the country, they had done more harm than good for the country. The purpose of the Taliban was to only fight the Soviet Union and get them out of Afghanistan their home country. Although they did get rid of the soviets they began to harm the people in Afghanistan and with their training from the U.S along with the weapons provided became evidently unstoppable. To those in the Taliban they believe that what they are doing is justified and that they are only doing as it is said by Allah.

The Afghans who are not apart of the Taliban have two choices; flee to another country or stay and fight through the tough times of the Taliban control. Most have chosen to flee to another country and make a better and safer life for themselves, Afghanistan was not a place for them to be. Their decision to flee expressed great amounts of grit they were forced to learn new customs and a new way of life to adapt to the country they fled to. As immigrants or refugees they faced hardships as well coming to the new counties. Some of the problems they would face coming to a new country would be to learn a new language and learn new laws of their new country their grit is shown through the amount of time and effort they put in trying to learn the new language and all that the new country has
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