Afghanistan Country Profile Paper

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Timothy Merlino
Professor Gross-Davis
Public Health 303
19 October 2015
Afghanistan Country Profile
Afghanistan’s current health status is considered one of the worst in its region and the world (World Health Organization, n.d.). Afghanistan’s health is largely affected by war, government regime changes, and a lack of public resources. The population in Afghanistan varies substantially consisting of mostly rural arid terrain and nomadic tribal populations. I will discuss Afghanistan’s health status indicators, disease burden, and these compare regionally and globally.
The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation states average life expectancy is 56.25 years old with males at 56.5 years and females at 56 years in 2013 (Insitute For Health Metrics And Evaluation, 2015). The average life expectancy in 1990 was 65.35 years (Insitute For
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