Afghanistan Is Like A Goat On Which The Lion And The Bear Have Both Fixed Their Eyes?

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Afghanistan , a buffer state between two super powers in the first half of 20th century, was pulled into war during the latter half, first against the USSR and then against the local rival groups or militias. The 21st century yet again brought this country into another conflict. This time it was the West led by the Americans and their puppet Pakistan, the former allies in driving out Russia from Afghanistan. The traditional buffer state of Afghanistan, due to its location at the cross roads of Asia and tri junction of three strategic regions, and its trade route linking and branching out to Central, West and South Asia has earned an attractive spot in the eyes of the world powers. This prompted Amir Abdur Rehman to remark, “Afghanistan is…show more content…
In the beginning United States was very suspicious of the success of Afghan Mujahideen but in order to make the Soviets suffer as much as possible, it decided to support them at a later stage. Pakistan was an equal partner in the Mujahideen’s war against USSR, from hosting around four million Afghan refugees to provision of training and military support. The Geneva Accord of 1988 paved the way for withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. That turned out to be the only significant achievement of the Accord. The peace in Afghanistan was still very doubtful. The most important tasks such as the reconstruction of a war-ravaged country, establishment of a new political system and the return of refugees from the neighbouring countries were left unattended. Afghanistan was left on its own to resurrect from the ashes. With the victory within their reach, the Afghan Mujahideen were caught unprepared to take the leadership of the country. The fall of last Soviet-backed government in Kabul, instead of heralding peace, brought about another war. Old political, social and ethnic divisions surfaced and infighting amongst various groups erupted. The freedom fighters and Mujahideen of yesterday became war lords. And finally an altogether new force emerged on the political map of Afghanistan which became known to the world as Taliban. The Taliban infused with chaos and tyranny of
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