Afghanistan Of The Soviet Union

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For over 2 centuries, Afghanistan has known virtually no time without war. Beginning around 326 B.C. with the conquests of Alexander the Great, to the Persians, British, Russians and most recently, America and our NATO allies, Afghanistan has been cultivated into the country that it is today through a trial by fire. Regardless of this relentless onslaught of foreign military power, the Afghan people have tirelessly defended their homeland with no outside power ever being able to subdue them completely. Following the withdrawal of the Soviet Union in 1989, the country fell into civil war, torn even further apart by fiercely dedicated tribal warlords. This power vacuum led to the rise of a group called the Taliban. Led by a one eyed man…show more content…
Young men who join the Taliban are not as ideological. They are motivated by money and the Taliban’s willingness to pay them, adventure seekers and those who long for the status that only power can provide. Furthermore, they long for a change to their country that has not come since 2001. During this time, they have found rage in instances such as a local villager being killed or wounded in an attack by Afghan, U.S., or NATO forces.
The Taliban have four basic goals that they also view as phases. First is to utilize the devout religious commitment found in Afghanistan and Pakistan to mobilize the public. Second is to rally the Pashtun tribes through the Pashtunwali code of honor, which a Pashtun must adhere to in order to maintain his honor and identity as a Pashtun. This code includes many important facets including Nang (honor), Badal (revenge), Melmastia (hospitality), Nanawatay (to seek forgiveness), and Hamsaya (one who shares the same shadow) (30). The Taliban also hopes to further their longtime goal of toppling Kabul by “emphasizing the Pashtuns’ subjugation by a predominantly non-Pashtun government” (??) Thirdly, they hope to “build up confidence in their organization while simultaneously attacking the legitimacy of the IROA, coalition forces, and the Government of Pakistan.” (57) Lastly, “once the Western ‘crusaders’ are expelled by military means or withdraw due to
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