Afghanistan 's Development Of Afghanistan Essay

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Introduction Afghanistan has recently been in the news and in the living rooms of Americans with the increased activity and focus on the Taliban insurgency group that threatens the survival of the state. For many, they are the wild west where there is no law and anything goes. While there is some truth to that, Afghanistan faces serious problems in their quest towards becoming a developed nation. The Millennium Development Goals were created by the United Nations to help countries stabilize and develop faster in order to catch up with the rest of the world. It was also a matter of universal human rights and speaking up for those whose voices could not be heard. Afghanistan was a monarchy in the early twentieth century and became a pawn between British and Russia until they were later able to join the United Nations in the middle of the twentieth century. They have undergone continuous instability with military coups prevalent in the early and again in the late 1970s. Interstate warring between the Leftist Peoples Democratic Party and the Islamic traditionalist have put Afghanistan’s development status on the United Nations agenda years before the Millennium development goals were created. Interstate warring and insurgent forces continued to develop and rise within the state, tearing it in half and increasing poverty and insecurity for all who lived there. Millions of people fled the civil wars as refugees into the surrounding states. As the Taliban regime grew in
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