Afghanistan’S Strategic Geographic Location Made It The

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Afghanistan’s strategic geographic location made it the target for several great powers. Afghanistan is located in Central and South Asia has be involved with invasion and war for centuries because Afghanistan was an essential location in ancient times because the Silk Road passed through it. Empires like Mauyra Empire of India, Alexander the Great of Greece, Umar, an Arab Caliphate, Genghis Khan of Mongolia, Mughal Empire of Indian and many more past empires invaded Afghanistan. However, they were never able to control the all part of Afghanistan at the same time. In ninth and eighteenth century British and Russia invaded Afghanistan to use as buffer zone because Afghanistan connects east and the west. Several insurgency groups has risen…show more content…
When President Reagan was ruling in the United States, Congress allied with Inter Service Intelligence of Pakistan to train Mujahedin using extreme Pakistani Military Islamist and sent them in Afghanistan to fight against Soviet Union. The fundamentalist Mujahedeen defeated Soviet Union and as a result, Russia lost billions of dollars which drove me out of Afghanistan in 1989. As the war between Mujahedeen and Soviet Union ended, it gave the opportunity for Pakistan to form Taliban, Radical terrorist group. Taliban is created by Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence and funded by United States with three billion dollars. United States should have expected the result of their financial support to a radical group Taliban and rethought their decision. United States funded Taliban regime in 2001 with $43 to express her appreciation for the ban of opium cultivation in Afghanistan. However, the ban on opium was not put in effect by Taliban regime as the cultivation increased. The financial support of Bush administration to a Regime which was clearly involved with terrorism empowered Taliban more. Especially when were evidence that Mullah Omar the leader of Taliban offered a sanctuary to Osman bin laden. Taliban gain power through religion as they declared themselves as the faithful ones. Their ideologies attracted several conservative males in Afghanistan and they spread the fear of loss of religious values in the country. Women did not

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