Aflac Case Analysis

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AFLAC CASE ANALYSIS Aflac is Fortune 500 insurance company founded which was founded in 1955 by three brothers, Bill, Paul and John Amos. “Since its beginning Aflac has believed that the best way to succeed in our business is to value people. Treating employees with care, dignity and fairness are founding principles of Aflac” Today, Aflac employs more than 4,500 people and has more than 71,000 licensed independent agents throughout the United States and Japan according to the New York Stock Exchange business summary. Its principal business is supplemental health and life insurance. Aflac’s insurance business sells cancer plans, care plans, medical/sickness riders, living benefit life plans, general medical indemnity plans, and ordinary…show more content…
Such as leadership development programs with onsite courses. The instructor led classes host a variety of subjects for employee seeking personal development as well as career. In addition to this the company offers outdoor adventure days, on site fitness and child care services. By achieving to provide these reward programs for its company employees it stay in line with two of its guiding principles which is to supply quality service for their agents and provide an enriching and rewarding workplace for their employees. These rewards are also used to attract better qualified employees and to push employees to have a greater impact on their community. The needs of the company’s employees are a driving factor behind Aflac’s total rewards programs. Aflac’s total rewards statements which was originally a one page document is now an in-depth review of the value of the employment compensation and benefits. These are examples of non-traditional rewards that are used by Aflac. Traditional rewards that Aflac uses is that the company has an “Volunteer of the Month” where one of their employees goes and volunteers for a charity of their choice and they get rewarded by the company they also offer bonus, wages, internal promotion, voluntary benefits and paid leave. Some recommendations of expansion of the benefits Aflac offers that would further align HR with the accomplishment of their goals and values are Retirement programs which will further enhance the desire for
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