Afric The Oldest Inhabited Territory On Earth

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Africa is one of the most beautiful continents in the world—from its numerous rich resources to the diverse culture of the people who reside there. Africa is considered to be the oldest inhabited territory on earth, with the human species originating from the continent (New World Encyclopedia). Studying maps of Africa from the centuries ago and those from more recent times show how the perspective of the African continent has changed over time. From the earliest map on record, I found out a lot about how the African continent was perceived by the artist and presumably others during that time period. The time in which this map was created is not known; however, it was entitled “Tabula Africa IIII”. This map was written in Latin, which was first Latium and used predominantly by the Romans (Cambridge University Press). This map is very simplistic compared to all of the others and is not in color. There are mountains, rivers, and seas depicted on this map. The cartographer used humps to distinguish the mountainous areas from the surrounding plains. The streams are also depicted in a different manner than the plains and mountains. The names of some of the mountains are included, in addition to the names of countries or inhabited areas; there are also names of some of the tribes who lived in Africa at the time. An example is the Troglodite people who were known to live in caves, dens or holes. The only animal name I could decipher was “elephas” which translated means elephants.…
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