Africa Stereotypes

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Africa is a continent with fifty-five/fifty-four countries. There is a large amount of diversity in the climates and the people. This diversity is present in the languages, cultures, ethnicity, food, and religion. Although this is true many people believe myths and stereotypes about the African continent and Africans due to insufficient knowledge and incorrect images presented to them. In Mai Palmberg’s book, Encounter Images in the Meetings between Africa and Europe Yvonne Vera says the following about images of Africans: “One of the most urgent tasks in the issues of development in Africa, is the construction of primary images of Africans; these are visual, written, and lived expressions of identity: most of them have been biased and misinforming.” Many stereotypes and myths stem from four main generalizations about Africa and Africans. The four main images are Africa is one country, all of Africa has the same climate, Africans are a lower evolutionary step, and Africans are unmodernized.
First, Africa is not one country, but composed of over fifty countries that make up the large continent of Africa.This myth about Africa is not only prominent among those who have not been educated, but also those who are highly educated. For example, George W. Bush said “Africa is a nation that suffers from incredible disease.” A nation indicates a large group of people who are united by a similar culture living in a certain country. Africa is not a nation but a continent made up of
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