Africa and South America

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Africa and South America
• Rock Similarities- Rocks of same age compared crosswise over seas
• Continents puzzle piece - The closeness in the coastlines of North and South America and Europe and Africa. Today the fit is carried out at the mainland rack and it is about a flawless match. • Fossil Similarities - Mesosaurus, reptile like cutting edge gator which existed in shallow waters of South America and Africa

Pangaea was one major landmass. It is the hypothesis that vast landmasses used to be framed together in one extensive mainland, and that as the plates moved it separated the continents that were joined together to spread out. Pangaea started shaping about 300 million years back, and was completely together by 270 million years prior and started too partitioned around 200 million years back. However, fossils of a Meosaurus were also founded in South Africa and Brazil. A Mesosaurus was a little reptile that lived 275 million years ago and it swam in shallow waters. It couldn't cross into the sea. These remains of the fossils spotted in these two different continents tell us that South America and Africa must’ve have once been connected together and then divided.

I chose this picture of Pangaea, because it is showing the connection between the two continents; Africa and South America together, along with the previously earth, before the plate tectonics separated 70 million years ago.
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Volcanism is connected with two of the
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