African Americ Understanding Prejudice, Slavery And The U.s. Presidents

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Discussion 2 African American  Understanding Prejudice, Slavery and the U.S. Presidents Unfortunately, Presidents were not the only Government officials who possessed views on rights and slavery. Congress officials along with the Supreme court also rejected blacks "no rights which the white man was bound to respect." Furthermore, George Washington was one of the first to own slaves, along with the highest amount owned in the nation, with an alarming 317. I only guessed about 10 slaves and I was way off. However, even after slavery had ended it was noted that many Presidents thereafter would still exhibit radical prejudice. Further, Thomas Jefferson owned the second largest amount of slaves with a total of 237, he was also the first president to have had a slave child born in the White House. Unfortunately, with Slaves also came punishment, more common of these were whipping or beating and chaining or handcuffing. Despite the cruel means of punishment all three of the U.S. presidents with the highest amount of slaves owned also are on U.S. currency. In addition to, replacing the face on the U.S. $20 bill, from Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman, this is something I did not know.  "Slavery by Another Name" Vagrancy was a law set in place for any individual who could not prove that he or she was currently employed, in addition to harsh punishments for paying off hefty fine included working in the mines. Green Cottenham was convicted guilty and sentence to 30 days of hard
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