African American And Asian American Women

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The experiences of African-American and Asian-American women mirrored each other’s in many ways, seen through the filters of their varied experiences during different time periods in the last hundred years. While at this point, freed African-American women had been on American soil for a hundred years’ plus prior to that, Asian-American immigrants were just beginning to move into the United States, looking for an improved quality of life and the opportunity to make their fortune. African-American families, although now freed, were still slaves to the system. Many families were expecting land to be given to them, much the way it was given to early European immigrants, in order to build their livelihoods and find success. However, this was not the truth. Instead, they found themselves in the endless failing loop of sharecropping, where they worked a landowner’s land and lived on the property; in return, they were required to pay a huge portion of their crops back to the landowner as rent. Unfortunately, this usually created a massive debt that was impossible for the families to pay, on top of feeding themselves, supplying their own tools, etc. Due to this, ‘shifting’ occurred, families constantly moving from one spot of land to the next, always looking for better pay or conditions. In previous readings (1st half of the semester), one point of discussion was that slave families had no true guarantee of a solid family unit, as male slaves were often pulled from their families,
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