African American And Black Athletes

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The stereotyped group that is a problem is African American and black athletes being portrayed as beast like, unintelligent, emotional, dominating, violent, and brutal. The specific sport of focus is the NBA. Black athletes are portrayed as beast and animal like in media images like poster, magazine covers, tee shirts, and game freeze frames. Black players have made many strides in the NBA, nearly 75% of NBA players are black, while only 23% of players are white (The 2015 Racial and Gender Report Card). Although there are many black players the media is still owned and operated by predominantly white gatekeepers. This negative stereotype is because it disregards the hours of hard work that black players complete to play professionally. African Americans feel this cover misrepresents them. Blacks could feel exploited, manipulated, or even subconsciously use it as justification for confirming the negative stereotypes the media feeds society. It is a racist notion that black players are unintelligent and rely on genetics “animal instincts” to be great players. If this stereotypes continues young blacks may see believe that they are unintelligent and slack off in school, believing that they can make it through like based on their athletic ability. It perpetuates a “super model minority”. An excellent example of this stereotype is the visual portrayals of NBA superstar LeBron James in the media. James has been prevalent in sports media dating back to his high school years when
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