African American And The Harlem Renaissance

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African American’s and the Harlem Renaissance also known as New Negro Movement Many African Americans had been enslaved and remained living in the south. After the end of slavery, the emancipated African Americans, started to act for civic participation, political equality and economic and cultural independence. Right after the civil war had ended many African American Congressmen began to give speeches after the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. 6 of the congressmen were black by 1875 as part of the Republican Party’s reconstruction legislation By the 1870s, the predominately white Democratic Party managed to regain power in the South. Between 1890 and 1908 the Democratic Party proceeded to pass legislation that were not favorable for most Negros and many poor whites, leaving them underrepresented. Many established white supremacist regimes of Jim Crow segregation in the South and one-party block voting behind southern Democrats. Democratic whites denied many African Americans their civil and political rights by scaring and damaging black communities with lynch mobs and other forms of forceful tactics also by instituting a harsh convict labor system that forced many African Americans back into unpaid labor mines, on plantations, and on public works projects such as roads and levees. Convict laborers were typically subject to harsh forms of punishment, tireless work and many diseases from unsanitary working conditions. Death rates skyrocketed while a miniscule number of…
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