African-American Beauty

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Tiffany What Is Beauty to the Young Black Female? There’s more to me that the human eye can see. I’m a woman of purpose and destiny. A perfect design, I’m special and unique. I won’t be identified by the parts that make up my physique. My beauty is not defined by my skin or my hair and my soul has more value than the clothes that I wear. I’m not a symbol of pleasure or sex appeal; I have the natural ability to comfort and the power to heal. When God made me, He created a gem because He fashioned me in the likeness of Him. I refuse to do anything that will put God to shame. I deserve to be treated with reverence and called by my name. I can’t be purchased or sold at any price because I’ve already been…show more content…
These perceived images that rap music puts out there to the public are images “that pimps and hoes are common in Black neighborhoods” so that these images are adopted by Black girls who are led to believe and conform to these images so as to be wanted and desired by the male audience. This misconstrued concept of beauty hinders us from making our own individual decisions of what beauty means so instead we’re taught to give all the power to the opposite sex. These images and personas give the effect of a “good/bad girl” spectrum between white and black women so that white women can further distinguish themselves from Black women as if to say that being a hypersexual, degraded, and objectified woman is the standard of beauty for Black women, whereas, white women have a more sensible approach to beauty (Hunter, Soto 2009). According to Beverly Tatum, who describes in her book, “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?” whites have the privilege to not look at themselves via grouping but instead as individuals; whereas, Blacks and other people of color are taught at an early age to identify themselves with others of their race (Tatum 1997: 21). Because of racial grouping we tend to follow the examples of other Black women before us especially during adolescence when girls and boys start to ask the
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