African American Child Segregation Essay

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Segregation and discrimination have brought traumatic distress to the black community as it is still evident in today’s society.Though it is illegal to segregate others because of their racial background or religion, the terror of this act is just the same as it was when it was legal. Upon discovery about their ancestor’s past, African American children unconsciously strip any positive perspective they have of themselves which eventually passes on to others around them.
A study done by Psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark in the 1940’s was done in order to test the effects segregation has on African American children. A set of 4 almost identical dolls, different in color, were placed before a group of 3-7 year old children. The question
“ which doll do you prefer and why?” was asked which most children chose the white doll. Additional to their responses, the children would associate positive comments
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The 9/11 attack by a group of Muslim Extremist have placed all muslims in a situation where bombs and terrorism is the first thing thought of when seen. The entire group is not responsible for the horror that happened that day but they are all blamed. Syria, a country dominated by Islam, is in trouble and seeks help from America but are not given because of their anxiety they developed about Muslims. The country is making it difficult for Syrian refugees to enter the country because they are concerned about what these people will do upon arrival. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Most will not think like such but will rather question every “suspicious” move any member of Islam makes. A prime example of such is Ahmed Mohamed. Ahmed is a 14 year old boy from Texas who was arrested for bringing in a clock he made at home which was mistaken for a bomb. This assumption was made because the boy is
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