African American Children Film Analysis

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4 Movies for African-American Children
If you want to share and teach your kids about the African-American culture, here are some of the best films to watch over the weekend. Photo credit: Amazon
1. The Journey of Henry Box Brown – This educational animated movie recounts the true story of a slave who escaped his way to freedom by shipping himself in a crate. The journey lasted for 27 hours.

In the movie, Brown narrates the story to a few animals to help them to understand the significance of freedom. Throughout the entire story, the topic of slavery is explained when Brown’s family was sold. This includes the hardships he experienced as a slave.

The main theme of the story is about slavery, how importance freedom is, and the notion that it is morally wrong to enslave people. The main concept of the movie may be a bit heavy and
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Dancing in the Light: The Janet Collins Story – This animated short film is based on the true to life story of Janet Collins. Her passion, dedication, and determination to pursue her love for ballet pushed her to become the first African-American ballet dancer in the US to perform in the Metropolitan Opera…show more content…
The film uses visual animation to attract the younger kids. At the same time, the storyline is simple and easy to understand.

3. Garrett’s Gift – This film is based on the history of how the traffic light was invented. It takes a peek at what inspired the inventor Garrett Morgan to come up with his innovative idea. The story delves on Morgan’s childhood and how he often daydreamed about many things.

His unusual way of looking at things led him to come up with an efficient method of providing safety for motorists. This film educates kids by providing them with historical facts on the achievements made by African-American people. The story is narrated by Queen
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