African American Children : It Is Not The Case For All Children

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While many people assumed that all children have insurance it is possibility true but that is not the case for all children. When it comes to African American children only a little over a half of them are on Medicaid (Health Coverage n.d.). Due to the fact that some African American adults does not have only insurance changes have been made. There are some states that has changed and expanded children eligibility for Medicaid and CHIP (Health Coverage n.d.). Many people only know about Medicaid but there is another insurance program for children. The other program for kids are known as (CHIP) which stand for Children Health Insurance program. Making sure that children has insurance is very important because they need to be able to get the required services needed. Because of the low income from African American are uninsuranced it makes it possible for them to quality for the Medicaid expansion (Medicaid and Medicare 2015). There are a lot of black that are insured by Medicaid while there are some who are adults. The important of African American children having medical insurance such as Medicaid or CHIP. (Medicaid and Medicare 2015). Many children come from families who income is at or under the poverty level (Children n.d.). Due to the fact that these children comes from a family who income makes them eligible to receive Medicaid will make it hard for them to receive necessary services. Children who have Medicaid are entitle to certain medical services such as early,
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