African American Death Row Inmates

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Nearly 80 percent of murder victim in cases resulting in an execution have been white while 50 percent of murder victims are white 82 percent was found to influence the likelihood of being charged with capital murder or receiving the death penalty.Senator RussFeingold stated "we simply cannot say we live in a country that offers equal justice to all Americans when racial disparities plague the system by which our society imposes the ultimate punishment" (senator RussFeingold 108th congress 2003). A 2007 report concluded that one-third of African American death row inmates in Philadelphia would have received sentence of life improsement if they had not been African-American.In 1990, non-partisan US General Accounting found a pattern of evidence Indicating racial Disparities in the charging, sentencing, and imposition of death penalty (Feb 1,2001)."Justice is never advanced in the taking of a human life"(Writer Activist and Civil Rights Leader Coretta Scott King Feb7, 2006). Whenever and whatever capital punishment is authorized by law, the decision whether or not to seek a death sentence in some cases is left to the discretion of the prosecutor. Prosecutors play a big role in American Criminal Justice. Prosecutors play a central role in America criminal justice. They represent the public in solemn process or holding accountable those who violate society rule. Prosecutorial discretion is most dramatically exercised in the area of sentencing. Even where judges retain Ultimate

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