African American Depression Research Paper

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The African Americans before World War Two were not treated equal. Before the depression they more and more African Americans began to seek jobs but this lead to many problems. There were rallies against companies hiring African Americans and very prominent wage gaps. “It was exactly what the white defenders called it: a “way of life” that included elements of culture, expectations of behavior, and a political economy that mocked the ideals of a democratic republic wherever Jim Crow ruled” (Moye 15). Even though there were laws in place for less racial segregation, most people still did not like African Americans. Many still worked on farms as sharecroppers or on tenant farms. This also led them to get hit hard and be very affected by the depression.…show more content…
This was put into action because of the views in society at that time. Even though there were segregation laws in place a large amount of whites did not want to associate with African American. The president at the time, Roosevelt, felt that this would cause the least amount of conflict between the two. This caused many conflicts with the civil rights organizations; they were not happy with the segregation and tried to reverse it. Franklin Roosevelt wrote, “One of the sorest points among Negros which I have encountered is the flagrant discrimination against Negroes in all the armed forces of the United States. Forthright action on your part to lessen discrimination and segregation an particularly in affording opportunities for the training of Negro pilots for the air corps would gain tremendous good will, perhaps even out of proportion to the significance of such action” There were many people that disagreed with the segregation of training African Americans. Robert Patterson fought for the less segregation. He was one of the main people pushing to not let the Tuskegee flight program would not fall for the
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