African American During The Civil War

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African Americans Suffered During the Civil War Allison Wessels English 11- Period 5 Mrs. Blomme March 11, 2016 African American Suffered During the Civil War Outline: Thesis Statement: African American soldiers fighting in the Civil War. Introduction Introduce main points State thesis statement History of slavery Life of an African American slave Treatment Living conditions Work responsibilities African American soldiers Treatment of African American soldiers vs. White soldiers The number of slaves fighting for the South vs. North How African American soldiers affected the war Fugitive Slave Acts Effect on African American slaves Abolitionists and the Underground Railroad Putting this Act into effect Concluding Statement: So in conclusion, African American slaves had hard lives and suffered a lot through slavery and the Civil War. African Americans Suffered During the Civil War In the early 17th century, European settlers in North America turned to African slaves as a cheaper and more plentiful labor source than indentured servants. Slavery then spread quickly throughout the United States, but was most common in the Southern states where they used slaves as laborers on cotton plantations. When the Civil War broke out between the North and the South many young men went to join the war and even slaves left the plantations to fight for the Confederates. The war lasted from April 12, 1861 to the Spring of 1865 and during that
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