African American Health Care Analysis

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African American Health Care Analysis Cheryl Robinson Capella University CST5500 Multi-Cultural Issues in Health Care Dr. C Vaugh Abstract It is a cliché of health education that programs and interventions will be more effective when they are culturally appropriate for the populations they serve. In practice, however, the strategies used to achieve cultural appropriateness vary widely. This paper briefly describes African American history and how it relates to health care services. It explains the culture, value and belief of African American when it involves health promotion and disease prevention. Some major health concerns and barriers are noted within the black communities and population…show more content…
African-Americans value health education and health maintenance which suggests that they are interested in their health, and may be receptive to prevention and health promotion interventions. Prayer, spirituality and church are important to African-Americans and play a key role in the lives of many of their lives. African Americans have traditional health and illness beliefs. They also are known to use folk medicine; the folk healers are root workers. Some African Americans, particularly of Haitian background, may believe in sympathetic magic. Sympathetic magic assumes everything is interconnected and includes the practice of imitative and contagious magic. Contagious magic entails the belief that once an entity is physically connected to another, it can never be separated. This type of belief is seen in the practice of voodoo, when an individual will take a piece of the victim’s hair or fingernail and place a hex, which they believe will cause the person to become ill (Campinha-Bacote, 2009). Black American churches have been the most important social institution in the black community and serves as a center for health screening, promotion and counseling. Many blacks hold their church with high esteem, therefore being an important coping resource for the African Americana community. To African Americans God is thought to be the spiritual healer.
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