African American History : African Americans

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There are countless examples of how African Americans have transformed history or made a mark on our country. African Americans have displayed heroism and bravery for what we believe in. Without Black History Month as a holiday, these people would not have been recognized for all of their many achievements. We must continue to celebrate the achievements of African Americans, and we must correct the inconsistences of the past. Black History Month should be kept as a national holiday as long as we are the United States of America.
Black History Month was not intended to last an entire month. In fact, it was not even meant to last until the twenty-first century. Carter G. Woodson was the founder of Black History month, but at the time, it was only a week long. He and Minister Jesse Moorland created what is known today as The Journal of African American History in order to credit the black men and women who would otherwise be forgotten. These two men pushed for the second week in February to become a national “Negro History Week” in 1926 (Crowder). This idea gained much attention from the public, and when Woodson died, it only brought more light to the history of African Americans and their contribution to American History. This is all to say that this holiday has had a greater outcome than Woodson had intended. Its purpose all of these years has been to enlighten black American’s contribution to American History, and to recognize that they have been important throughout our…
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