African-American History Research Paper

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: Question 1: Utilizing specific examples from both books, explain how the actions of African Americans damaged the institution of slavery and ultimately led to its demise. African Americans damages the institute of slavery by escaping and participating in rebellions. On average, 1,000 slaves escaped per year. They wanted freedom so bad that they took the chance of being caught and whipped by their masters. Harriet Tubman was a slave who ran away and returned to plantations several times to rescue the rest of her family, as well as other slaves. It is said that she returned nineteen times and rescued more than 300 slaves. (Kelley and Lewis 2005, 194) The Underground Railroad also contributed to the damaging of the institution of…show more content…
Question 3: While Nash argues that many colonial Americans supported the idea of ending slavery, he suggests that there were a few major challenges to making this a reality. What were these challenges and what suggestions did abolitionists make to overcome these challenges? Be sure to include specific plans for ending slavery such as can be found in chapter 1 and 2 of Race and Revolution and sources such as can be found on pages 146-165 of that book. The two major challenges of abolishing slavery were economic and social. The first was economic; how would slaveowners be compensated? The second was social: how would freed slaves be fit into the social fabric of the new nation? (Nash 2001, 35) In 1790, the Quakers and the Pennsylvania Abolition Society, known as the Foster Committee, got together and petitioned Congress to use their powers to end slavery. The petitions arrived shortly after Congress had taken up Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton’s Report on Public Credit, which proposed that the federal government assume and fund the Revolutionary War debts of the states. (Nash 2001 38) The Foster committee specified how inhumane slavery was and how everyone deserved to be free; despite the color of their skin. The Southerners defended slavery, stating the slave trade rescued blacks from African savagery. They also stated how Congress was unable to emancipate slavery until 1808. The support from the
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