African American History Week 1

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Week 1 Conference 1. What is African-American history? African-American history are those events that started with the first slave ships from Africa to the Caribbean Islands and carry through their journey as a people both individually and collectively to today's societies across the Americas. 2. "How have your ideas about African-American history in particular and history in general been shaped by the contexts in which you encountered these histories?" I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. I am Hispanic however my neighborhood was multi-racial and race very rarely was an issue that I faced growing up. I didn't start to realize that African-American's had their own history within American history until I met and…show more content…
Harding goes deep into the social and moral fabric of what America is and how it can actually be anything more than just a notion since all of America's greatest moments were at the expense of the black man. Harding states that "Black history is forced on to ask about the meaning of America itself."[1]. The progression in thinking and the attitude toward African-American history can obviously be seen by these different authors. Harding makes a statement to the effect that maybe his predecessors could not make the distinction between Negro history and Black history because they were too close to the pain and suffering of their day. This is a valid point and I believe that as time has passed, African-American historians have really dug deep into Harding's "Black history". There is without a doubt a section of American history missing and it is definitely that of the African-American. [1] Vincent Harding, “Vincent Harding on the Differences Between Negro History and Black History, 1971,” ed. Thomas C. Hot and Elsa Barkley Brown (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2008)
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