African American Household, By Marie Louis Anderson

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Marie Louis Anderson writes black matriarchy to critically analysis the African American household, in which she examines the household culture and the matriarch in which the house operates under, many points are raised during this book. The most important of these points being , The Black matriarch regards the Black male as undependable and is frequently responsible for his emasculation, is often very religious, regards mothering as one of the most important in her life, attempts to shield her children from and to prepare them to accept the prejudices of the white world. The Theme I will be exploring in this play will be family. In this play you come across many scenes that are more focused on the family getting together and being…show more content…
One of the scenes I would like to examine is when Ruth and Walter is having a conversation and Ruth is more focused on being that “wife” to Walter, A women who cooks eggs for her husband every morning and making sure that he is well taken care of . If you read more into the beginning you realize that Walter doesn’t just want a women who is going to repeat the same process with him every morning. Walter and Ruth is talking and Walter brings up the liquor store he has had in mind to open with bobo. The liquor store is very costly to the family and it’s not something that Walter should be worrying about at the moment due to the fact that the money is not for everyone in the house and it can’t just be used for a business that’s not positively going to sale. Furthermore into the conversation Ruth is more focused on just getting Walter to eat the eggs and going about his day. Ruth doesn’t support this idea that Walter has instead she just babies him into just eating his food. Walter finds that the problem is within colored women and Ruth doesn’t argue with Walter she simply says “well, being a colored women, I guess I can’t help myself none.” The Theme Family is identified in this particular scene and as you read along further where Mama and Ruth is speaking to one another , Ruth brings up a question to mama about the money and ask her what is she going to do with It? Mama is not so
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