African American Influence On Texas Politics

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After Reconstruction, the Democratic Party dominated Texas politics for nearly six decades through the early 1960’s. During the period of the Civil War, Andrew Jackson was a democratic southerner, who fortified slavery, while Abraham Lincoln; a republican was more opposed to slavery and was a civil rights advocate, who the south was not a profoundly fan of. Texas and most of the south depended on slavery for agricultural and financial revenues, so they were pro-slavery and wanted expansion of slavery towards others states, but the views of Republicans were constraining and even banning slavery. Republicans anon became the second party in a one-party state. After the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments were passed the south became furious towards Republican Regime since they had to deal with federal troops in the south to ascertain they followed the incipiently placed amendments. This just increased the support for the Democratic Party.

Most of the African Americans and other minorities during this time were Republican, but they weren’t authentically aurally perceived in the elections, and after a voting poll tax was introduced minorities did not genuinely vote during elections. Literacy tests were introduced as well to determine if you were qualified to vote,
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However with the incrementing population of Hispanics, Texas once again could switch political parties. Hispanic voters incline to be more liberals and vote Democrat, and with virtually the Hispanic population surpassing the Caucasian population, Texas will soon become a purple state. In this year's election, we will be able to see these changes, however we will not optically see the transition of Texas becoming a democrat state until 2-3 more elections since the majority of eligible Hispanic voters in Texas are considerably young.
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