African-American Literacy

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According to the author, education was not bestowed upon African-American by enlightened citizens. Literacy is viewed as a valuable commodity that African-Americans have had limited opportunities to acquire. And for them becoming literate is perceived as continuous struggle. So Literacy serves emancipatory function when appropriate to reconstruct a society, so it limits access to those who are not literate to participate in all cultural institutions. According to Harris, European American do not fully support the education of African-American and would prefer not to fund it at the levels comparable to funding for their children and would prefer curricula that do not enable African –American to compete with their children for access to high education and possibly opportunities .…show more content…
The advocacy of curricula materials provides an authentic portrait of African-American culture and history that develop race consciousness. Based on the article African-American conception of literacy, the author mentioned Alice Howard, a public school teacher in Washington, DC who is consent with the New philosophy of wanted to educate African-American by created her first ABC book which mainly Enlighted African-American culture. Alice Howard argued in her observation that this book is supposed to educate them and enhance their knowledge to better understand the history, traditions and characteristics of race. Her goals to promote literacy for African-American were not unique as many other scholars have done it too, but not without opposition. Literacy in most case was subjected to schooling and education, but not limited to these two. According to Harris, the concepts of literacy for African-American are discussed in terms of broad historical
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