African American Literature : The Black Poets

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I would define African American Literature as literature created by authors of the African America race. It started with slave narratives and during the Harlem Renaissance attention was brought to the arts of African American artiest, poets, musicians, and authors. African American Literature is more than slave narratives. It is heartfelt stories of lost love, justices, death, and finding one’s own strength. African American literature comes in the form of poetry, short stories, non-fiction and fiction. I feel that African American literature takes creativity, reliability, a strong plot. Authors, such as, Octavia Butler give reader literature that is compelling and thought provoking through plot twists and complex characters. A common theme in the books we read this semester was weary. Characters throughout the book became weary of a situation, another person and/ or themselves. I will discuss points of weariness felt by characters throughout the novels we have read over the semester. The Black Poets A new anthology edited by Dudley Randall The Black Poets is a collection of poems by African American writers. The collection has several themes throughout the book. These themes rang from sacred and secular, racism, hatred, and so forth. I chose to focus on the theme of weary. Below are excerpts from poems within the book, The Black Poets. These certain poems are ones that highlight the different aspects of being weary. To be weary has multiply meaning depending on the
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