African American Males and the World

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The world has come a very long way since segregation was demolished with the help of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This has opened a lot of doors for African Americans in the United States. Better job opportunities and better chances at managing a stable family life. Sadly as time has passed and we have rolled into the 21st century things aren’t looking so great for the African males in school. This rate changes from time to time, yet we don’t know why or what it really is. So, what is the average graduation rate for African American males and why? Statistics, the one source of information that almost everyone turns to in order to determine how often something happens. With statistics we can see just what are the chances of a African male graduating against compared to others. Apparently, 54% of most Africans males actually graduate from high school, that’s not bad. The other 46% show little to no effort then or drop out, which explains why their scores would be below counterparts in other racial and ethnic groups in the school. Let us not forget though, these are only statistics. Dropouts, plays another role in the game of graduation. Now there are times where we all just want to quit or think that we’ve “reaches our limits”, but it seems that is mostly common in the African community. Now I’m not saying all Africans, just some who grew up in that type of environment where “reaching limits” is okay and that they shouldn’t try to surpass it. Now in order to actually tell
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