African American Males 's Education

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African American males struggle every day to prove their worth in an educational setting. According to society these young men are when it comes to their peers. Early education or daycare is a child’s first educational learning experience outside the home. However, not all African American males have this experience. A handful of African American males miss the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of learning social and cognitive skills. As a result, the absence of the early education effects the African American males’ ability to achieve higher learning. By the start of elementary school, these young men are already behind their peers in learning new information. In an effort to hide their lack of understanding they lose focus and become disruptive and begin to act like the class clown. Although the blame shouldn’t be placed solely on them, their teachers play a major role when it comes to educating the youth. They have to discover what inspires each child, yet they always seem to abandon the African American male’s interest and individual learning style. Young men go through the school system experiencing deficiency when it comes to their learning styles, due to the lack of teachers understanding their circumstances and how to engage them. Every child, especially African American males can have a chance to succeed in school if teachers have a full understanding of their cultural and learning styles. Which leads them to seep through the education system,
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