African American Mathematician, Evelyn Boyd Granville Essay

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Evelyn Boyd Granville was one of the first African Americans to be a Mathematician. She was well educated by schools that helped her become a teacher (Professor) and has a background of her family whom also helped. Evelyn was born on May 1, 1924 in Washington, DC. Her father, William Boyd, had many jobs to help support her family. Her mother, Julia Boyd, was a secretary and also support her family. When she was just five years old, she and her family lived through the Great Depression which caused her father to have many jobs. A little after, her parents separated. Her mother had an older sister and moved in with her and brought Evelyn as well. She began to attend Elementary, Junior high, and high school as she got older. She wanted to…show more content…
She took both offers but left New York and moved to Los Angeles to teach longer in California State. She also taught in a University in Nashville, Tennessee as Professor as well. She was the Professor in California State and was married again in 1970 to Edward V. Granville. She taught for thirty years and retired in 1984. After her years of teaching, that didn’t stop her from doing what she loved to do. She joined the University of Texas in Tyler as professor and was over the Mathematics department. She also created programs for the Elementary schools called Math Enrichment. She co-wrote the textbook and participated in the Miller Mathematics Improvements. She went back to New York and worked as Research Assistance part-time for one year. She also created the computer software for NASA’s Project Vanguard and project Mercury Space programs. Her interest in Astronomy still occurs to what she still have plans for encouraging students to receive an education. She was honored by the National Academy of Service in 1999. Evelyn was also rewarded honorary degree by Smith College and Lincoln University. They honored her works for the students that she have taught in her years of teaching. She admired her Math teachers in high school, whom helped her get where she is today. She is still living and have programs that can help students learn as well. As she progressed over the years,
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