African American Movements in the 20th Century

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As a whole it changed society and the rights now given to all people regardless of skin color. It was a breakthrough and a relief given to people of color, their main goal was equality for all. The Modern Civil Rights Movement was all about equality. African American just wanted their own “piece of the pie” in society. To be given equal rights and opportunity. They were nonviolent, usually focused on Judea-Christian tradition. They focused on morality and used “white racism” as leverage. A good example of a leader who used tactics of this peaceful way of trying to change society was Dr. King. He spoke very strongly in a nonviolent, non-racist way. He wanted us to be a society together where there is peace and equality.
This showed the main movement believed in all men being created equal and not one or any skin color being better or favored more by God or anyone. Men are all created equal with no superiority and each man should have equal rights. This included the right to be whom one wanted to be, to have the life and career one wanted, to have equal education, and the ability to access good healthcare and quality of life. This movement was also about having a just and speedy trial, the fight to change overall life and treatment of equal human beings.
Black Power was another thing. People who were in this were also fighting for equal rights,…
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