African American Music And Its Impact On African Americans

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Music in the 1900 's had meaning , music was how African Americans got through a long working day . Music then was something that no man could take away . That still applies to the 21st century music , back onto the 1900 's African Americans were not given the same privileges as they are today . Music was the less threatening way for African Americans to get there point across . The music was not always about them wanting equality , there was loving songs , upbeat songs , songs about what they are doing . There were always those songs that would get a person in there feelings . The music that tells a person life story on what all they may have been through . Most the listeners were African American which is good , then there may have been some white but not many . African American music to some was not as important to them as to others . The African American music has evolved from the 1900 's to now , also the amount of people that listen to African American music has also evolved . At a farm in Mississippi is an example of how African Americans used music to get through a hard working day . Music while working usually help the time go by faster . The music in which was sung in the fields or in the cabins for entertainment later became known as The Blues . Blues music is usually written from the heart it is an emotional genre of music , the lyrics or the feeling in the blues comes from a place in someone that may be hurting or struggling . " But the blues are unique to the

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