African American Essay

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Being an African American woman in a Caucasian male dominated society, I have experienced my share of racial and sexual inequalities. Nonetheless, for the purpose of assignment only racial inequality will be discussed. As stated in last week’s assignment. For centuries, inhabitants of the earth have had an innate superiority complex, countries with greater weapons, numbers, technology and economic resources, created systems of inequality through domination of inferior-minority-groups, maintained and perpetuated through social forces. My family can trace their roots as far back, as a century before the emancipation proclamation of 1863. As did majority of the ancestors of African Americans, my relatives started life here in America as…show more content…
As the five white men approached us, the deputy sheriff yelled out “hey boy we got some business to discuss with you”. My father, terrified, kneeled down and grabbed our hands. He told us to run home, get ma’ma and uncle buddy, he then wrapped his arms around the three of us, kissed use on the forehead and told us how much he loved us. When the men finally made their way over to us, one man, tall, skin in size, about a quarter of the muscle tone of my pa’pa pushed him into the wall, while another, shorter in stature, with bright blue eyes, the color of sapphire, hit my father from behind. My father fell to the ground, blood dripping down his face, looking hopeless and feeble. I felt so discouraged, the only thing I could do was weep. My father, on the ground, turned to us and told us to run and we did. Half the way to the house, all I could think about was how hopeless I was and how much I wanted to help, but could not. After all that was my father back there, my friend, my protector, my pa’pa. When we finally made it to the porch of our house, we were out of air and I was about ready to collapse. My brother finally mustered up the energy to tell my mother and uncle what happen. My mother in shock fell to her knees and started to whimper. She muttered to herself repeatedly “please lord don’t let them take my husband, don’t let them take my George. My mother and father went throw a lot. They meet while in college, moved to Atlanta
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