African American Parents With Special Education

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Because African American children represent a large percentage of students in special education programs, an understanding of their parents’ views on the special education process should be an integral aspect of professional preparation and professional practice (Harry, 2008). This review was conducted to understand the experiences and perceptions of African American parents who have children with disabilities and are receiving special education services. I have reviewed a total of thirteen studies that investigated the experience of Africa America parents. A total of 105 parents/guardian participated in all the studies reviewed and their years of experience with special education system ranges from 2 years to 24 years. What follows is a discussion of the findings from the review.
African America parents experience with special education process
In the present study, three themes were identified to discuss the experiences of African American parents with special education process (a) parents’ perceptions of the evaluation process (a) parents’ expectations from special education program and (c) parents’ perception of special education services and programs.
Three out of the thirteen studies examined parents’ experience with the special education evaluation process, findings from this present study reveal that African American parents shared deep concerns about the special education evaluation process of their children. Many parents that participated in the…
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