African American Pastoral Care Essay

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Pastoral Care provides the essentials to support the African Americans and is most vital to their experience in the United States in addition, providing survival and coping skills, leading to worship. Black worship provided slaves with valuable psychological and emotional remedies, which enabled them to combat slavery's annihilation of their sense of self-worth. Today, the "Balm in Gilead" is still the authentic comfort, which helps to maintain sanity and balance in the African Americans world of alienation, traditionalized, and incapability. To be concise, Black worship has always been associated with pastoral care, providing members with comfort and healing.
Both healing and comfort transpires during worship. However, Comfort occurs as the Preacher
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As African Americans become aware of the fact of their have integration into God's story, their sense of well-being and wholeness is hen validated, and they reply by giving praise to God.
Liberation is another attribute of African American Christian worship. African-American worship is a celebration of freedom in which people enter and experience the liberating presence of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, known as "black happening, the time when the people gather together in the name of the One who promised that he would not leave the little ones alone in trouble."
However, a critical aspect of the liberation themes characteristic of Black worship is its ability to refrain from becoming a victim of oppression of time. Although, liberation in African-American Christian worship is also manifest in the way of music performance, with Black singers and instrumentalists seldom being satisfied to render a piece as it exists in print. Consequently, most often they elect to search for music and songs that provokes a responsive exploit in the African-American soul and
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