African American Professionals And Higher Education

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When I started this phenomenal journey of researching, African-American professionals in higher education, I never realized that indeed there was truth in the obstacles, restrictions and biases in their way that must be overcome. In this research paper we will highlight and discuss some of the reasons that African- American professionals faces in higher education and some of the resources, that can be used to dismantle the indifferences. The progress has been slow in the academic arena for African-Americans in higher education. It has being over two decades from 1980 to 2003 African Americans make up only 4.3% of full time faculty in Americans universities and since 2003 it as only gone up by 1.2%. Progression toward a goal to dismantle obstacles to academe life for African- American professionals is the only way to winning the battle in education (Schwarz et al 2010). ` According to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (1993), African-American in higher education face many impediments such as not being hired, by prominent white universities and colleges. President Kennedy signed “Executive Order 110925 in 1961” making affirmative-action in the higher education field, a priority. Many continue to question what is affirmation-action, what does it do? What does it mean? And what is it use for in United States. Although African-Americans focus on many issues in education and employment, as two of them are primary concerns Affirmation-action is specifically concerned with
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