African American Racism And Injustice

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African Americans have overcome many challenges, but they are still fighting to be treated fairly. African Americans were enslaved for hundreds of years, and they were considered property. They provided free labor and worked from sunrise to sunset. African American women that were enslaved often experienced physical and sexual abuse. In addition, they did not have laws that protected them. Most of the laws that were created only protected Caucasians. However, in 1865 African Americans were no longer slaves, because the thirteenth amendment was created. The amendment banned slavery, so people were not legally allowed to be considered property. Although African Americans were no longer slaves, they still experienced discrimination and segregation. African Americans often had to sit in certain areas and attend certain schools, because of the color of their skin. More simply, African Americans were often treated differently based on their race. Furthermore, African Americans today still experience racism and discrimination. People claim to be color blind; however, they judge African Americans on their appearance. For instance, when people label African Americans as criminals or low class because of the way they look. Furthermore, African Americans still experience stereotyping. Overall, African American have overcome may challenges, but they are still fight for equality.
For many years enslaved African Americans women were often abused. Women that were enslaved often
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