African-American Segregation and Isolation

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African-American Segregation and Isolation Introduction From 1865 to the present, white Americans exploited the Black population, whom they regarded as inferior in every aspect of life in order to justify slavery and discrimination. For about a century, the Blacks have struggled hard to end segregation, discrimination, isolation to which they have been subjected in order to attain equality with the whites and enjoy civil rights. Analysis Thirteenth Amendment, Convict Leasing When Georgia ratified the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery in the United States, African-American slaves became officially free (Flamand, 2012). During the Reconstruction period, it was not certain if slavery was permanently abolished or if some form remained or would reappear. White Southerners still wanted to keep newly-freed African Americans working for them at the lowest level. They evolved the convict leasing system during this period. It allowed private contractors to buy the services of prisoners from the state or local governments for a specific duration. The large majority of these convicts consisted of African-Americans, who were subjected to strong but selective laws and discriminatory sentencing. It was a different form of slavery, but still slavery. It forced officially free and innocent men to hard labor without compensation for white masters, through extreme and extraordinary physical means. Convict leasing drew its constitutional basis from the Thirteenth
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