African American Slavery And The New World Essay

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In a world not fully discovered tou can only imagine the amount of cruelty that played a part in the claiming of In a world not fully discover you can only imagine the amount of protein that played a part in claiming of new lands, people, ideas, and products. 5 major empires that helped build the Atlantic world were the british,french,spanish, portugese and the dutch. With may of these empires at their peek or trying to reach it there was alot of labor that needed to take place. Most of the labor that was given was forced upon those who were less fortunate which at the time beingbwere africans. These laborers brung unimaginable wealth to empires but were treated as objects and their entire life were in the hands of their buyers. Its not clear exactly how and why something so cruel such as taking someones like and belittling it for labor reasons could have happened for so long. With my class notes and leads from the textbook it seems thst the forces tgat best explain the emergence of african American slavery in the new world colonies of Western Europe were the influences amd production pf the head empires. According to the class lectures west africa where the slaves had been cultured from was once rich and very populated. The trans-saharan gold trade was what made west africa rich and helped in the production of Mali, Songhai, and Ghana ‘s wealth. Despite their greatness they all declined in similar ways. Ghana fell first out of all three kingdoms. Ghana was invaded by enemy…

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