African American Slavery : Harriet Beecher Stowe As An Abolitionist

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In the early days of African American slaves, these people never had much of a voice, nor really a way to tell their own story, this just left them with a lack of knowledge about the outside world, away from their jobs working for whites. On another hand, many other people, such as whites, all knew about the events taking place America, though one lady thought she would do something about it and make it more known and talked about. Harriet Beecher Stowe was an abolitionist, just like many other people in the world, she wanted to show and express her thoughts and feelings on the brutality harmed, belittled, and often killed African Americans. So she did, she took it upon herself to openly/widely go on about her own thoughts. Harriet…show more content…
For the most part, separating the families was the worst possible thing to do. It only made things worse on the slaves, though the owners didn’t care. They didn't even care if the slaves ate or got enough water, and they didn't get breaks throughout the day either. Though, some of the slave owners had a somewhat okay or good relationship with a slave, but that wasn’t for all. (pg. 9) Financial problems caused slave owners to sell their slaves nine times out of ten. It was made aware in the book that the selling of Shelby plantation, and Harry and Tom, that the owners were very upset with the situation. (pg. 29) Usually most slave owners think of slaves as worthless, no good meanings of life, and they just have them to do work that they don’t want to do. For example, owner Legree would kill a slave in a heartbeat and it didn’t even phase him. (pg.288)
Another example for pro-slavery was showing the similarities of religious beliefs from the slaves. Tom was shown as someone who is the most religious slave. Though, slave owners look down on anything thoughts or beliefs a slave has. They do not care what they believe in nor do they think what they believe in is right from what they believe in. to a slave owner, a slave is nothing, just “something” to get their work done so they don’t have to do it themselves. Stowe was trying to say that slavery and the morals of
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