African American Slavery In The 1600s

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African American Slaves

African American Slavery began during the 1600s where Europeans first used Africans as their laborers and moved the Africans to the new settlement in the colonies. Though it seemed unlawful and unconstitutional at the time it served very well to the economy, especially to the southern colonies which mass-produced cash crops such as tobacco and indigo in South Carolina and Georgia by the early 1700’s.

Byrd family wealth

The Byrd family of Virginia was a prime example of a wealthy family growing wealthier because of slavery. The family of Virginia was during the 1700’s had enough credit among the wealthy to buy many slaves and form an elite planter class among themselves and other wealthy families in order to dominate the industry of cash crops. As a result of the planter class crew wealthy along the coasts.

Bacon’s Rebellion.

Since the rich lived at the center of Jamestown the poor wear often put on the outskirts of the town. This causes them to battle the Native American tribe. The poor Nathaniel Bacon was sick of taxes and favoritism at the time so, he and many other poor went marched to the House of Burgesses and burned Jamestown to the ground.

Class of Planters

Wealthy and rich families all over the English colonies formed an elite planter class and because of the number of elite slaves they had rich grew more tobacco, rice, and indigo to keep and to sell.To make the slaves have such as great work ethic, the owners often used, As a result,
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