African-American Studies Has Been Set In Place To Broaden

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African-American studies has been set in place to broaden an individual 's knowledge based on the history, literature, politics, and the lifestyle of Black Americans. Course 271 has helped me realize what African-American Studies is as an interdisciplinary field. It is not just a discipline, it is so much more. African-American studies is a way to learn about individuals outside Black History Month. African-American studies provides a way to deepen an individual’s understanding from the diaspora. It also teaches the history of my people in a way that I never learned in secondary school. It reinforces the importance to immerse myself into my history and culture. In my opinion, African-American Studies leads to mental liberation and a…show more content…
Within the case, a handful of Black women brought suit against General Motors, “alleging that the employer’s seniority system perpetuated the effects of past discrimination against Black women” (Crenshaw 139). However, they could not sue on the basis of racism because Black men had been hired, and they could not sue on the basis of sexism because white women had been hired. As a result, the court dismissed both claims of sex and race discrimination. Such cases revealed the reality of Black women’s discrimination being combined factors (Christon 2). The Black Family My newfound knowledge has helped me connect with African-American studies. For instance, it has helped me develop a greater knowledge of others. Learning about the Black family has given me some historical context to why black families are commonly structured the way they are. The black female has become the head of household in many families. Fine et al (1987) states that black women control the family decision making. My family encompasses many matriarchal women. They have been a great influence in my life. Without my family, I would not know how to be independent. My mother has been a single parent for most of my life. She has conquered through her struggles of being a black woman. Course 271 changed my view on matriarchal women because I was not aware about the different stereotypes that black women possessed. The patriarchy
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