African American Theatre And American Theater

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African-American Theatre has gone through exponential changes throughout the course of American history. They have made a push towards defining theatre for a whole of African-American culture. In doing so, African-American actors, directors, technicians, and theatre entrepreneurs strive to be the very best in their field and “create a true American theatre” (Miller 335). The theatre challenges thespians to hold onto their roots but branch out and mingle with the culture of today. The African-American Theatre and American Theatre grow closer and closer to each other with variety of traditions and culture all to entertain and drive theatre to a height sought for so long. African-American Theatre has been ridiculed, humiliated, transformed, destroyed, rebuilt, and enhanced, and it continues to remain and grow developing into a world-renowned art. African-American Theatre has traveled along a rocky path, on great highs to devastating lows, still surviving and breathing. Though many practices and techniques of African-American Theatre were undervalued in the past, those practices and techniques are bringing about a new light to the theatre realm. “Black Theatre, as Hill and Hatch reveal the length and breadth of its American story, seems not fabulous but almost miraculous in its ability to survive the well-documented slings and arrows of American race relations” (Miller 335). Black Theatre stuck around through the racism that America is and was experiencing and never gave up.…
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