African American Vernacular English: A Comparative Analysis

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Nevertheless linguists and scholars have shown many hypothesis and theories about African American Vernacular English’s origin, it still has been a matter of debate. According to Peterson (2006), AAVE’s origin is primarily described on three ways (as cited in Karvonen, 2009). Firstly, from “Ebonics” prospect of the word, the professors are quite separated in two aspects. According to Rickford, “Ebonics” is a combination of “the word “ebony”- black and the word “phonics”- sounds”(as cited in The Linguistic Society of America, p.2). Bailey (2001) assumed that AAVE is a separate language stemming from West African and Niger- Congo languages (as cited in Karvonen, 2009) because they share the similarities in grammatical features that do not exist

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